Sync for Google Fit

SYNC your google fit data to Google spreadsheets

Analyze your Google Fit data in a Google Spreadsheet

The Google Spreadsheet™ add-on can be used to sync your Google Fit™ data to your spreadsheet. Easily capture the progress, and display it in custom charts or tables. Keep the data as long as you want. 

analyze your health data

How it works

After creating  a new Google Spreadsheet and adding the add-on '123 Sync for Google Fit' you take the following steps:

After the add-on schedule is activated the script runs on the specified period and adds new data points to your Google Spreadsheet.

Application Data Disclosure

Learn how we handle your data via our privacy statement of 123 Sync for Google Fit.

check your training progress in the Spreadsheet

User manual

for the Google Spreadsheet add-on 123 Sync for Google Fit