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123 SYnc for Google Fit

Description of 123 Sync for Google Fit

When to use it

The Google Spreadsheet™ add-on can be used to sync your Google Fit™ data to your spreadsheet. Easily capture the progress, and display it in custom charts or tables. Keep the Google Fit data as long as you want. You can even share it easily with your personal trainer or coach to get personal advice.

Some example use case;

  • Keep track of your weight, heart rate and steps

  • Compare values by day, week, month, year

  • Create charts to illustrate your data

The add-on is ideal if you want to analyze your data in Google Fit.

How it works

After creating a new Google Spreadsheet and adding the add-on “123 Sync for Google Fit” you take the following steps:

  1. Specify the Start date to get your initial data

  2. Decide the scope of data to sync and start your sync

  3. Setup a schedule to get new data in the spreadsheet

After the add-on schedule is activated the script runs on the specified period and adds new data points to your Google Spreadsheet.

Usage instructions

Menu options

In the Google Spreadsheet add-on menu you can choose “About”, “Configuration” or “Help”.

  • About shows a popup window with a short description

  • Shows the sidebar screen for the configuration

  • Help shows the default Google screen

Click About

  • Clicking About in the menu will show a pop-up window which explains the add-on briefly.

  • You can click the “Open help” link to this help guide, the Start button to show the sidebar with the configuration menu, or click Close for closing the popup window.

Step 1: sync data

1 - Sync Data

  • Clicking Configuration in the menu will show the sidebar of the Google Spreadsheet add-on.

  • Select the scope of data you want to sync. After you save your selection the specified scope will be used for the initial sync as well as for the scheduled sync.

  • Specify the start date for the initial sync.

  • Click the button Get Data to start the sync

    • a message will confirm your selection, click OK

    • a message will be shown when the sync is finished

  • Note, at the bottom of the screen you see;

    • the Help link to open this help document.

    • the Privacy link to open the Privacy statement

    • link to the product homepage

    • version number is displayed as well (for support reasons)

2 - Set schedule

  • Optional, specify a schedule to get your data from Google Fit automatically into your spreadsheet.

  • This ensures that your spreadsheet is always up-to-date.

  • Especially handy in use-cases when you share your results with others.

3 - Create charts

  • The 3rd step is currently a manual step. You can add charts in the Spreadsheet to visualize the data.

  • Send an email to with your chart ideas and they will be added to the standard functionality of the add-on.

About the add-on

  • The Info page shows a bit generic information about the add-on.

    • Read the requirements for correct functionality.

    • Read what to do in case of an issue.

    • Read what to do in case you like the add-on.

Installation instructions

How to add the Google Workspace extension '123 sync for Google Fit' to your Google Spreadsheet as an add-on ?

Option 1: Installation from the spreadsheet

  1. Start a new Google Spreadsheet in Google Drive. (

  2. In the top menu bar of the Google Spreadsheet select Extensions.

  3. Click in the menu “Add-ons” and “ Get add-ons”.

  4. A new pop-up window will show the Google Workspace marketplace.

  5. Search for “123 Sync for Google Fit”.

  6. Click the button “Individual Install”.

Option 2: Installation from the Google Workspace marketplace

Go to the Google Workspace marketplace:

  1. Search for “123 Sync for Google Fit

  2. Click the button “Individual Install

  3. Go to Google Drive and start a new Google spreadsheet (

  4. You find the add-on In the top menu bar of the Google Spreadsheet 'Extension'.

Installation screens

Get ready for Install

Click Continue to confirm that your want to install the Google Spreadsheet extension.

Confirmation screen

Google will inform you after a few seconds that the Google Spreadsheet extension is installed.

The Google picture is a bit outdated, as Google has renamed Add-ons to Extensions.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a product roadmap available?

Yes a roadmap is available, when there is interest in this add-on. The following features will be added.

  • default charts to visualize your data

  • extend the scope of data which is exported from Google Fit into your Spreadsheet

  • speed up the add-on for collecting data and writing the data to the Spreadsheet

  • improve error handling when you schedule the add-on

Is there a version history overview?

See the version history of the 123 Sync for Google Fit

How do I know my personal health data from Google Fit is safe?

The add-on is completely safe to use. The add-on only reads data from Google Fit and can not change your data in Google Fit. The add-on also only stores data in the Google Spreadsheet where the add-on is installed in. Hence your personal data is not visible to anyone else. However you can of course share your the Google Spreadsheet with those who you trust.

That the add-on only has access to the current Spreadsheet, is shown in the Consent screen that you see during installation. You can also find those authorizations in your Google account by going to this page:

Note: the privacy statement of the application is also vetted by Google.