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How do you know that Google Workspace users have the best possible experience? Are you data, identities and endpoints kept secure with Google? How do you do your job as a Google Admin? 

Use our methodology to check how you score. Do you think the scoring is not fair to your situation? Adjust the rating on the evaluation criteria. 


User Experience

What have you done to make your users, work productively with Google? Get a scoring on the user experience that the Google Workspace users have.

Get a copy of the User eXperience score spreadsheet.


What have you done to keep your data, devices and users safe? Get a score on the applied security configuration & policies and check possibloe improvements.

Get a copy of the Security score spreadsheet.


Do you have a healthy domain configuration and clear admin procedures? Get your scoring insight and check possible improvements.

Get a copy of the Admin score spreadsheet.


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