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Use the Google Spreadsheet™ add-on '123 Sync Toolkit for Domain Contacts' to manage your Google Domain Shared External Contacts within the Google Directory via a Google Spreadsheet. The add-on ensures that you can create, edit and delete your domain shared external contacts in the Google Directory. 

New to Google Workspace Domain shared external contacts? 

Use our simple approach of the domain shared contacts extension in Google Workspace. 

Note, Google Workspace is the new name (since 2021) of G Suite. Hence some people refer to G Suite domain shared contacts.

Use cases for Google Domain Shared External Contacts

Users often collaborate with users outside your domain, such as suppliers, partners and customers. As a Google Workspace administrator you can add them to your Google Directory as shared external contacts. People in your organization can find the profile information for shared external contacts in Google services as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Chat. This ensures that users can easily find the right external contacts. By centralizing those contacts in your Google Directory you ensure that every user in the domain has the correct contact data (job title, mobile number, email address) available. 

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Add/edit/delete domain shared contacts

How it works

The Google Spreadsheet™ add-on gets a list of Domain shared External contacts into the spreadsheet. From the spreadsheet you can Add, Edit or Delete the contacts. Some example use case; the  spreadsheet with the list can be used to:

For more info, see the help guide for 123 Toolkit for Domain contacts.

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