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GET the DRIVE activity stream in your mailbox

Get the activity of your files / folders

Use the Google Workspace™ add-on '123 Notifier' to get a notification about the recent activity on your folders and / or files in Google Drive™. The add-on ensures that you are always up to date about the activity. Ideally to keep track of the activity of your department, team or project. You start the day with an email with the overview of the activity of a particular folder or file item in Google Drive. 

get a complete list of drive activity

How it works

The three main steps to get an email with the activity on your Google Drive files:

You will get a daily message per monitored item with the recent activity of yourself and others. Note, the name of others is not listed. Just an unique number per person is listed. Your own activity is listed as 'me'. 

Application Data Disclosure

Learn how we handle your data via our privacy statement of 123 Notifier.

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User manual

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