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USE predefined text blocks to Build documents

Build your document via 3 structured steps

The Google Workspace™ document add-on can be used to build documents in a consistent and quick way across your team. Via the one-time configuration in the spreadsheet, everyone in your organization can easily build documents based on standard company templates, with standard text blocks that they select and automatic replacements of any placeholders. 

Create consistent and compliant documents

How it works

The Google Docs extension '123 Document builder' facilitates the document creation in 3 steps:

You can try the add-on with the example configuration and the example documents. You would need to configure the documents and text block to your own needs.  If someone in your organization has done the configuration, you can choose the existing spreadsheet which needs to be shared to you in Google Drive. 

Application Data Disclosure

Learn how we handle your data via our privacy statement of 123 Document builder.

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User manual

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