Work Insights

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Add a Work Insights™ icon

The Google Workspace™ - Work Insights™ tutorial adds an application icon to the Google Start button. To our believe this is just a missing feature in Google Workspace. Natively Google expects you to remember the Work Insights URL: to start the application. In our experience a lot of people forget this URL. By adding this icon to your marketplace apps, you get an easy way to distribute (and promote) the usage of Work Insights.


More about Google Workspace Work Insights

Work Insights is a reporting tool for Google Workspace that gives you insights into the impact of your Google Workspace deployment. Using easy-to-read charts, you can see metrics on your organization's Google Workspace adoption, productivity, and collaboration.

Work Insights is a powerful tool for your organization's decision makers who need Google Workspace usage data, such as:

Work Insights is available only if your organization has Google Workspace Enterprise Plus licenses. 

Work insights URL: 

Work Insights product page:

Work Insights user help: 

Work Insights admin info:

How it works

Follow the following steps:

See the help guide for step-by-step instructions.

Detailed Instructions

The help guide provides a step-by-step procedure to add a Work insights icon to your 9 dot Google Workspace start button. See screenshot on the left. Icon is also on the user' dashboard page: See screenshot below

Note: Google Workspace™, Work Insights™ and Google Groups™ are trademark of Google LLC.