Mail merge

mail merge using only a Google spreadsheet

Do a mail merge in Gmail 

The Google Spreadsheet™ add-on 123 Mail merge can be used to do a simple email merge via the spreadsheet. The add-on will send an email for each data row via your Gmail™ account. These emails have identical layout, formatting, text, and graphics. Within the text of each mail your placeholders are replaced by data from the spreadsheet. 

With the mail merge process, you can create a batch of personalized emails to send to your contacts. Each email can include both standard and custom content. You can choose, for example, to greet each recipient by their first name, or add unique information like a membership number. All the information you use to customize the email is taken from rows in your data sheet. You can have almost an unlimited set of personal data items in the personalized mail.

Simple mail merge

How it works

The three main steps to send a mail merge:

You can easily check your mail quota, preview the mail text or send a preview message to yourself.

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