Chrome extension

This Google Chrome extension replaces the Google Workspace domain logo in the top right corner with a default Google logo.

Within Google Workspace domains, you can have use only 1 logo. See Google Workspace admin help:

This extension shows that you can circumvent that Google limitation. Your custom uploaded Google Workspace domain logo will be replaced by a default Google logo.

The extension also removes your custom Google Workspace domain logo from the print function in Gmail.

This extension is intended for the following use case:

  • you have a Google Workspace domain with a custom domain logo

  • the main brand of the company is being used in Google Workspace

  • your company has multiple brands

  • the brands are organised in the directory via Organisation Units (OU) or Google Groups

  • you want to reset the main brand logo to the default Google Workspace logo

Note: Google Workspace is the new Google name G Suite.

Note: If you want to apply a custom logo to an OU (organisation unit) in Google Workspace, please contact us. You can get the code & instruction on how to deploy the extension in your domain with your own brand logo.


See some screenshots on the right.

  1. Extension needs access on those URLs

    1. Domain logo is being replaced.

  2. Extension removes the logo in Gmail print


  • save paper & inkt during print #sustainability

  • reset the domain brand for specific users

Chrome extension - screenshot 1280x800


How it works

You will need to deploy this Chrome extension to your Google Chrome users. If you are a Google Workspace customer you can easily do this by Google Chrome browser management. This is part of your Google Workspace admin console. The following configuration is advised:

  • Force the installation of the Chrome extension in your Google Workspace domain to the relevant OU (Organsational Unit) or Google Group of users.

  • Mandate users to create a Google Chrome profile when accessing your Google Workspace domain.

Site authorisation

The Google Workspace domain logo is shown on the following Google services:








Hence the Chrome extesion needs to have access to those websites to replace your custom logo.

When you print an email in Gmail, the custom Google Workspace domain logo is also shown. Hence the Chrome extension needs access to the Gmail print page.


Application Data Disclosure

The Chrome extension doesn't collect any data, it only replaces the logo on your Gooogle Workspace domain.

Get started

Find the Google Chrome extension in the Google Chrome web store.

  1. In the Chrome webstore click on the button "Add to Chrome"
    >> pop-up box appears with the question "Add replace Google Workspace domain logo"

  2. Click on the button "Add extension"
    >> message appears (5 seconds) that the extension is added to Chrome

  3. Reload any of the Google Workspace pages
    >> you will notice that the custom domain logo is replaced by the default Google logo.

  4. Go to and try to print an email
    >> you will notice that the Google Workspace domain logo is missing in the print

Troubleshoot info:

  • after installation you should see on the Chrome extension page (chrome://extensions/ or via 3 dot menu => More tools => Extensions) that the extension is enabled

  • check that Site access is automatically allowed for the relevant sites

  • check that the extension is active on the Google Workspace page

  • still a problem? Contact support.


  • you might want to enable the extension in Incognito mode