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123 NOTIFIER for Google Drive

Description of 123 Notifier for Google Drive

What is the Google Drive™ add-on for?

Use the Google Workspace™ add-on '123 Notifier' to get a notification about the recent activity on your folders and / or files in Google Drive™. The add-on ensures that you are always up to date about the activity. Ideal to keep track of the activity in Google Drive of your department, team or project.   

Use cases

The main use case for using the notifier for Google Drive is to get an email notification on changes in Google Drive folders. However, as you might want to manage all your Google Drive notifications in one place, you can also get notified on changes in ANY files. Meaning both MS-Office files and Google Docs format files are supported. 

How it works

The three main steps to get an email with the activity on your Google Drive content:

You will get a daily message per monitored item with the recent activity of yourself and others. Note, the name of others is not listed. Just an unique number per person is listed. Your own activity is listed as 'me'.

Steps by Step guide to get notifications about activity in Google Drive


After installation you will see the notification bell in the right hand side panel of Google Workspace.

After clicking the icon, one of the next two screens will open.


After clicking the icon, and you have not selected any file in Google Drive, the homepage of the add-on will open.

You will see a short explanation text.

Page footer

At the bottom of the page you see the link to the product website and to this help document.

1 - Enable notifications

After clicking the icon, and you have selected a file or folder in Google Drive, the main page of the add-on will open.

In step 1 the item you selected is shown.

You can select

Click the ADD button to add the selected item to the monitoring list.

Note, you would need to refresh the page if you want to see or delete the item in the list of Monitored items.

2 - Schedule

3 - List of items monitored

The third section contains a drop down field with all the items that are currently monitored by the add-on for you.

A popup message at  the bottom of the screen confirms the deletion.



The About page opens after clicking About in the universal menu of the add-on.

The first section shows the link to the product website, this help guide document and to the contact page on the website.

The second section shows the link to the privacy statement and to the Terms-of-Services (ToS).

The last section shows the option to buy me a coffee in case you liked the add-on or if you would like some specific feature added to the add-on.


How to add the Google Workspace extension '123 Notifier for Google Drive'?

Option 1: Installation from Drive

Option 2: Installation from the Google Workspace marketplace

Go to the Google Workspace marketplace:

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a product roadmap available?

Is there a version history overview?

This is in preparation.

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