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123 document builder

Description of 123 Document builder

When to use it

The Google Workspace™ document extension can be used to build documents in a consistent and quick way across your team. Via the one-time configuration in the spreadsheet, everyone in the team can easily build documents. Example use cases;

  • build contracts by selecting the relevant articles for the contract

  • personalize proposals based on customer request

How it works

The Google Document™ extension '123 Document builder' facilitates the document creation by building your document in 3 steps:

  1. First, choice your basic document template & layout

  2. Second, add the additional text blocks for the document

  3. Third step, provide values for any of the placeholders in the text

You can try the application with the example configuration and the example documents. You would need to configure the documents and text block to your own needs. If someone in your organization has done the configuration, you can choose the existing spreadsheet which needs to be shared to you.

Screen by Screen explanation

authorization screen

First time use

If the add-on is NOT authorized (e.g. first time usage), it will show the default Google add-on access card to ask for your permission.

Click the link “AUTHORIZE ACCESS”


1 - Template selection

In the first step you determine which document template you want to use.

Select in the dropdown field the document template.

Need to add a different document template? Click on the CONFIGURE button to go to your configuration and to add your document template.


2 - text blocks

After you have copied the document template to your document in step 1, you will see the text blocks from your configuration sheet in this step.

In the second step you select which text block (paragraph) you want to add to your document.


3 - text blocks

In step 3 you replace any placeholders in the document by clicking the button “REPLACE”.

You will see a popup for each placeholder asking for the right value. The placeholder should be between double curly brackets in the document.


add-on menu

In the add-on menu you can choose “About”, “Configuration” or “Help”.

  • Configuration shows the option to select a new configuration sheet. We expect that you have a shared spreadsheet in your team.

  • About shows a short description about the app.

configuration page


Within the Configuration page you can change the configuration file. This is handy when you want to use a configuration sheet which is already in use by a colleague. By doing so you can have the same configuration within your project / department.

About screen


The About page will show the version number of the application and 3 sections.

  • Help guide

The links to the product website, the help guide document and the contact page.

  • Privacy statement & ToS

Link to privacy statement and Terms-of-Services.

  • Feedback

Link to feedback form and a link to a payment option.


How to add the Google Workspace extension '123 Document builder' to Google Drive?

Option 1: Installation from Google Docs

  1. Start a new Google Document in Google Drive. (

  2. In the right hand side bar of the Google Document, click the + icon to add Add-ons.

  3. A new pop-up window will show the Google Workspace marketplace.

  4. Search for “123 Document builder”.

  5. Click the button “Individual Install”.

Option 2: Installation from the Google Workspace marketplace

  1. Go to the Google Workspace marketplace:

  2. Search for “123 Document builder

  3. Click the button “Individual Install

  4. Go to Google Drive and start a new Google Document (

  5. You find the add-on In the right hand side bar of the Google Document.


  • If you are a Google Workspace administrator, and whitelisting of add-ons are relevant for you, see Google Workspace admin help to whitelist add-ons in your domain.

  • Trouble installing the add-on? Raise a support ticket via the feedback form to register the issue.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the same approach for email?

It is currently considered to create a text block add-on for Gmail. Please let us know if you are interested in this as well or write email.