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Digital Employee Enablement

Employee enablement is an IT strategy focused on empowering employees with the tools,

support and skills required to increase digital dexterity and self-sufficiency. This reduces

dependence on the availability of IT support staff to address basic issues and reduces

digital friction. (Gartner 2022)

Manage hybrid working within Google Workspace

Hybrid working is there to stay. New employees in your organisation likely need a bit of personal support, in the right time, to get to know your IT environment, understand policies, and benefit from productivity opportunities. The Google Spreadsheet add-on captures the new users in the Google Workspace domain, and supports those users to get to know their Workplace IT environment. This ensures that all new employees have the basic information available during their start to get comfortable within your organisation. The add-on can be used to easily:

  • identify new users in the domain

  • set the Google Account language

  • set the Gmail signature

  • send a welcome email message to new users in the domain

  • remove the default Google welcome messages in Gmail

  • remove the default docs from Google in Google Drive

  • inform the line manager about the first login, etc. of the new employee to encourage manager to manage onboarding experience

  • after X days after the first login remind users of certain information bits

  • after X days of login and no mobile device login was detected, remind users of installing mobile apps

Why would you care about user onboarding?

Costs for onboarding new employees are high and you want to make new employees productive as soon as possible while providing the best workplace information in the first few weeks to ensure a smooth user experience. The main items of the workplace onboarding experience are :


Ensure that new employees get to know the way-of-working within your organisation.


As we work more in a hybrid mode it is more important to ensure that new employees get a feeling about your company culture.

Support costs

When new employees get proactively informed about your IT environment they will not only be quicker productive but also raise less IT support desk tickets.

improve employee onboarding experience

How it works

After installation of the Google Spreadsheet add on '123 Toolkit for user onboarding' you will have 4 sheets (Users, Rules, Email templates, Log). The rule sheet and email templates can be configured to your need. The add-on provides the following main 3 steps:

    1. Get a list of all your new users since last run on the add-on. Those users are added to the spreadsheet.

    2. Execute the rules as specified in the Spreadsheet. The actions are logged.

    3. Optionally you can schedule this task.

On installation of the add-on you will get the relevant sheets (Users, Rules,Log) automatically. The info sheets is also created to provide some basic information.

Application Data Disclosure

Learn how we handle your data via our privacy statement of 123 Toolkit for user onboarding.

Start with IMPROVING user experience

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