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123 Sync for Google Tasks

Description of 123 Sync for Google Tasks

When to use it

The Google Spreadsheet™ add-on gets a list of all Google Tasks™ into a Google Spreadsheet™. 

Use cases

Some example use case; the  spreadsheet with the list can be used to:

Menu options

After installation you will have in the Extension menu of your Google Spreadsheet the entry of ‘123 Sync for Google Tasks’. 

Click on ‘Show configuration’ to open the Spreadsheet add-on sidebar.

1 - Tasks lists

On the first tab you can get all your existing Google Tasks in your Spreadsheet. As you can have multiple task lists in Google Tasks, select either to list all tasks of all your different task lists or select 1 particular tasklist.

2 - Add Tasks

On the second step you can create new tasks in the spreadsheet and sync them back to one of your existing Google Task lists.

3 - Insights

On the third step you can optionally create an extra sheet called ‘Insights’. The sheet will provide a few statistics across your Task data.


How to add the Google Workspace extension '123 Sync for Google Tasks' to your Google Spreadsheet as an add-on ?

Option 1: Installation from the spreadsheet

Option 2: Installation from the Google Workspace marketplace

Go to the Google Workspace marketplace:

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a product roadmap available?

Yes a roadmap is available, when there is interest in this add-on. The following features will be added.

How to add additional tasks lists?

The add-on doesn't support the creation of new Tasks lists. You would need to create the extra list within Google Tasks it self. See Google learning center on how to do so: Add atleast one task to the new list to ensure that after the sync the new task list will be available in the spreadsheet.

How to print Google Tasks™?

Just sync the Google Task data to your Google Spreadsheet. In the Spreadsheet

It is recommended to use the landscape print option in Google Spreadsheets.

How to hide deleted tasks?

The add-on shows all your deleted tasks. This feature can be used to undelete tasks. 

In other cases you might want to hide the Spreadsheet rows which contain tasks that are deleted. For this you can use the filter option within the top row of the Spreadsheet. In column O ("Deleted? ) you can filter on TRUE. See screenshot. 

Is there a version history overview?

Will be added soon.

Are there any limitations

There are two known limitations: