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123 Sync for Google contacts

Sync Google Contacts with your spreadsheet

All your contacts are in Google. You can easily mail them, create appointments, share documents and call them on the phone. Your contact information is likely not 100% accurate, complete and up-to-date. To fix this, use the add-on '123 Contact Optimizer'.

Sync all your Google Contacts to a Google Spreadsheet™. After the sync make the relevant adjustments to make your data consistent (e.g. format phone number). Next steps is to complete the information on your contacts. E.g. with Social profiles (like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter), company info (website, address), and many more.

After sync back to Google Contacts™ you can enjoy the enrich contact profiles on the web and mobile for all Google Workspace™ apps.

Application Data Disclosure

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get more out of your contacts

How it works

The three main steps to enrich your Google Contacts:

  1. Get your contacts into the Google Spreadsheet

  2. Make edit to make your data more consistent and easily enrich the information on your contacts. E.g. add social profiles (E.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), company info (website, address), or other information.

  3. Save the updated data back to your Google Contacts

Main use cases

  • Contacts: Consistent and Complete

Contacts are often not stored in a consistent way. This may give troubles in Contact cards across Google Workspace, which will not display the correct info. It may also trouble other apps who rely on correct contact information (e.g. mail merge). Use the Add-on to make your data consistent and complete.

  • Contacts: Add from spreadsheet in bulk

A spreadsheet is like a swiss army knife. You can easily get a collection of Google Contacts in a Google Spreadsheet, perform bulk edits and save the updated information into Google Contacts.

  • Copy Contacts from another user

Ask one user to save their Google Contacts into the Google Spreadsheet. Share the spreadsheet with someone else. That person can save (=add) the contacts into their Google Contacts.

  • See Contacts on a map

See all your contacts on Google maps. Makes decisions to visit people in a certain area easier.

enrich your contact data

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