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123 Folder scan aka 123 sync for Google Drive

Description of 123 Folder scan

What is the Google Spreadsheet™ add-on for?

The Google Spreadsheet™ add-on gets a list of your folders and files from a Google Drive folder into a Google Spreadsheet.

Use cases

Some example use case; the spreadsheet with the list can be used to:

  • compare file lists during a migration

  • easily get an overview of all files

  • determine which files take up a lot of space

  • determine the file types

  • count the number of files

  • check which folders are empty

How it works

The first step is to provide the unique ID of the folder. The folder ID is found in the URL. It is the part that comes after “folder/” in the URL. For example, if the URL was “”, then the Folder ID would be “2dyUEebJbFnWa3Z4n0BFMVAXQ7mfUH11g”.

The next step is to get either a full list of folders or a full list of files and folders in the spreadsheet

If you modify the folder often and need an up-to-date list every time, you might want to schedule the folder scan to get a daily overview.

The menu options

In the Google Spreadsheet add-on menu you will see the add-on “123 Folder scan” can choose:

  • About shows a popup with a short description

  • Show configuration shows the sidebar screen

In case the buttons are not working in the sidebar, you don’t have the right authorisation (see FAQ for solution). You can use the options below to continue anyway.

Specify folder ID, will prompt you to provide the folder ID. As example you might see in the URL bar this url: So in the field you would enter the unique part: 1nLlNdWv2TTkiqn00-z1kIk4PrNNXsPqVNLGRSbdtnig

  • Get folders will list only the sub folders in the specified folder.

  • Get files & folders will list all files and folders in the specified folder.

  • Help shows the default Google screen.


Clicking About in the add-on menu.

  • This will show a pop-up screen which explains the add-on briefly, shows an “Open help” link to this help document and the Start button to show the add-on sidebar configuration menu.

1 - Specify folder on Google Drive

In Step 1 the folder needs to be provided. You can either select the folder via the drop down field, or you can directly provide the folder ID.

As example you might see in the URL bar this folder URL:

So in the field you would enter the unique part:


2 - Start folder scan

In Step 2 you start the scan. Either click the fist button to get a list of all sub folders or click the second button to get a list of all files and sub folders in the selected folder..

screenshot: Data sheet - The datasheet shows the files and folders.

3 - After scan

The 3rd step provides some optional functions.

  • You can create a dashboard which provide insights on your folders and files.

  • You can schedule the add-on. This would be easeful if you want to share an up-to-date list of your files/folders without manually running the function.

  • You can create a Backup of the Data sheet. This would be useful if you want to compare the folder/file list over time.

To create the dashboards with insights on your files and folders, click the button "Insights"

Screenshot: Insights sheetThe analytics sheet shows some statistics about the files and folders in the Data sheet. Provide feedback about your analytic needs. Email


Clicking the the tool icon (wrench), the About page will be shown. The about page contains a small description, the requirements of the add-on and the option to provide feedback.


How to add the Google Workspace extension '123 Folder scan to your spreadsheet?

Option 1: Installation from the spreadsheet

  1. Start a new Google Spreadsheet in Google Drive. (

  2. In the top menu bar of the Google Spreadsheet select Extensions.

  3. Click in the menu “Add-ons” and “ Get add-ons”.

  4. A new pop-up window will show the Google Workspace marketplace.

  5. Search for “123 Folder scan”.

  6. Click the button “Individual Install”.

Option 2: Installation from the Google Workspace marketplace

Go to the Google Workspace marketplace:

  1. Search for “123 Folder scan

  2. Click the button “Individual Install

  3. Go to Google Drive and start a new Google spreadsheet (

  4. You find the add-on In the top menu bar of the Google Spreadsheet 'Extension'.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a product roadmap available?

  • Add-on seems fully loaded. Nothing on our roadmap. Do you miss a feature? Found a bug? Please send an email or fill in the contact form.

Is there a version history overview?

This is in preparation.