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123 Confirm before Send

Description of 123 Confirm before Send

When to use it

The Google Workspace™ extension for Gmail™ requires confirmation for external recipients. It prevents data leakage due to autocomplete feature for names. The add-on solves the problem of misaddressed emails and preventing data leakage. 

Screen by screen explanation

First time use

If the add-on is NOT authorized (e.g. first time usage), it will show the default Google add-on access card to ask for your permission.

Click the link “AUTHORIZE ACCESS”.

A list of required authorisations appears, see for explanation the privacy statement.

1 - Confirm email icon

In every new email that you start, you will see the 'Confirm email' icon. Click the icon to start the confirmation of the recipient list.

2 - Confirm email recipients

The add-on will show all email recipients. 

It shows which ones are in the TO, CC or BCC.

You need to confirm them one by one by selecting the checkbox.

Click the Confirm buton when done

3 - Send

You can now safely send the email by clicking the blue Send button of Gmail.

No confirmation

If not all recipients are confirmed. The add-on shows that not all recipients have been confirmed. After closing the dialog box with the X, you can fix the recipient list and try the confirmation again.

Error: no recipients listed

When no recipient is listed. The card will show a message that recipients need to be added first.

Learn more

Click on the 3 dots and select the option "Learn more", this will redirect you to the product page and the link to this help guide.


How to add the Gmail extension '123 Confirm before Send' ?

Step 1: Installation from the Google Workspace marketplace

Step 2: Create Gmail DLP content rule

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Google Admin rights?

Yes, you need to be a Google administrator to configure the DLP rule and to mandate the add-on.

Is there another option to avoid accidentally sending emails in Gmail?

One way to avoid accidentally sending emails in Gmail is to get Gmail to show a final confirmation box before your email is sent.  This is actually a native feature in Gmail on Android.

From now on, when you tap the send button for your emails, Gmail will display a final prompt before your email is sent. You will have to tap “OK” in this prompt to actually send your email.